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  • Caitlin Strempel

The Complete NFT Marketing Guide For 2022

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The NFT marketplace is buzzing with activity as artists, designers, and content creators scramble to get into the Web3 and NFT space to make money! However, without a strategic NFT marketing guide, most sellers fall back or remain stagnant.

This trend isn't going to slow down any time soon, so the sooner you master the secret of NFT marketing, the more lucrative your launches will be.

If you've been in the NFT industry, or started to at least research it, you probably have already been bombarded by "in your face" social media posts or advertisements on a new NFT collection. I can tell you that these 'spammy' ways of getting attention don't work anymore. At least not for driving NFT sales, which is what you ultimately want!

Here at MetaMint Marketing we stay away from what we call "bro marketing" and focus on purposeful and authentic marketing that drives sales and harvests communities of life-long buyers.

This NFT marketing guide tells you exactly what to do if you want to launch a successful NFT collection that drives attention, garners massive visibility, and is lucrative for the long haul!

NFT Marketing Guide: Proven Strategies that Always Work

Every successful NFT collection in the market has a backing ideology that people subscribe to before channeling their investment to it. For example, there are charity NFT tokens, gaming, commodities, content, etc. Although, they are all different, they do have one thing in common: 1 bigger purpose behind the NFT.

Before coming up with any marketing strategy, it's important first to define your 'why' and your bigger purpose behind the NFT. Your NFT is a brand and should be marketed as one. NFT buyers buy into the artists and a bigger ideology they can subscribe to.

With that in place, what marketing strategy will work for you?

The best approach is to utilize an ideal sales funnel where you? We are going to breakdown this roadmap of how to successful market and launch your NFT collection.

  • Define & develop the foundation of your NFT and your NFT marketing plan

  • Drive awareness around your NFT collection and yourself

  • Develop a real connection with your audience

  • Selling to your audience, and

  • Nurture your buyers so they will keep purchasing from you.

Let's break it down.


1. Know Your "Why" Behind Your NFT Collection

This is where you answer the 'why' question. Your audience will be more interested to know what your NFT collection is all about.

Your answer must be convincing enough to get them to subscribe to it and convert this subscription into sales. And it must be MEANINGFUL to you because this will take up a lot of your time, money, and energy! DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE & CARE ABOUT!

Don't skip this critical step - it will help you craft messaging and determine the direction for your entire marketing campaign and NFT launch

Start by creating a website for your NFT collection. On the website, outline the purpose of your NFT collection, the roadmap, and the ultimate goal.

Once you know what you want to create and why, here are the foundations you will need

2. Determine your NFT utility

People buy more than just an NFT. They buy into something else. You will need to decide what that is, and it should align with your higher purpose for creating the NFT collection.

The four basic types of utility are:

  • Membership - to become apart of a community

  • Goods - to receive a physical product with it

  • Service - to receive a service with it (coaching call, educational training, etc.)

  • Exclusive access - think access to parties, certain people, etc. Bored Ape is a great example of this.

3. Build a Website

A website builds your visitor's confidence and separates you from other supposedly scamming characters on the scene. No lie about it; the crypto/NFT market is crowded by fraudulent people whose aim is to steal from unsuspecting NFT enthusiasts.

Your website should include the purpose of your NFT collection, your story, the roadmap of your collection (aka what you plan to rollout in regards to NFT utility, causes you plan to support, how you are going to market the collection so it has a long shelf life, etc.), exact detailed steps of how buyers need to mint their NFTs, and who your entire team is.

A website is also a great tool, if optimized correctly, will help drive user experience and your sales... your website is your only 24/7 sales person!

4. Setup Accounts

You will need to setup your:

  • Email marketing platform (I love flodesk or mailchimp).

  • A free graphics account to help with your marketing visuals (PicMonkey is my favorite)

  • Google analytics account. This is free and will guide all of your marketing moves for all your launches! It shows you how your marketing is performing, where your traffic is coming from, and how your traffic is converting into leads and sales!

Now that you're setup with the foundational basics, it's time to decide how you are going to garner the attention of a cold audience who will potentially purchase your NFTs.


There are people everywhere who value a great NFT, but they will not buy yours if they don't know about it. SO, let's get out there and start shouting from the rooftops!

You will want to utilize available channels to let people know about your collection. The channel itself will depend on the audience you're trying to reach, and the number of channels will depend on the amount of time and money you have available for this project!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aka. Getting to the top of Google - Optimizing your website will be a longterm play but it will help your website appear in the search results eventually.

GREAT FOR: Positioning yourself as a thought-leader in your space or trying to capture newbies in the NFT space with blog post and educational information.

Want to be on Google, but don't want to wait? Try out Google ads! Any type of paid media will get you results faster, but they will be short term!

Whether you choose paid advertising or organic traffic, you can create awareness through the other channels, including:

Social media platforms - Again, the final choice will be dependent upon who you are trying to market to.

Twitter: This is the most popular among, and the best choice if you want to hit, the big players in Web3, Crypto and NFTs. You want to make sure you are posting multiple times a day on this platform, showing up to Twitter spaces, introducing yourself and reaching out to the community through tweets and DMs.

Do not fear if your are worried about reaching out. The NFT community is very welcoming of newbies and are here to help and lift others up. Just make sure you show up with that same mentality. Ask how you can help them and support them. Show their tweets and projects some love too!

>> If you can only make one choice, TWITTER should likely be your choice! <<

TikTok: Right now TikTok is the best platform at getting you in front of new people. It's the easiest channel to grow by far and the crypto, web3, and NFT community is growing here. This is also a great spot to be if you are looking to target NFT newbies!

Unfortunately, not many other social platforms are great these days at increasing your following. (unless you pay for ads)

If you are willing to pay for ads, you can add Instagram and Facebook to the mix as well, but the NFT community IS smaller here.

If you love Instagram and/or are an NFT artist, Instagram does have a place for you! We will get to that in the connection phase.

Medium: If writing SEO-optimized blog posts is part of your marketing plan, take the 2 extra minutes to copy and paste it here too. It will get you in front of a ton of new eyes and help out with your SEO. Even creating a post about all the details of your NFT collection, roadmap and team here could drive a ton of traffic.

Reddit & Steemit: You will have to spend some time in these spaces to make it work, but if you have the team and bandwidth to repurpose your marketing and blog content, these are easy places to repurpose. You will want to keep your pulse on the conversations going around in this space and then contribute your expertise and share your NFT collections where it makes sense.

The conversation here will be likely driven by helping with basic NFT education or education around your collections higher purpose.

Influencer Marketing: Influencer is another great option to get in front of new people who are your ideal customers... but I recommend with caution. If you decide to go this route, make sure you:

  • Look at their post comments and community, not the number of followers they have. You want to make sure people are authentically connecting with them and interacting with them on a genuine level.

  • Find someone who aligns with your larger why and purpose! This person needs to be on-brand. If your NFTs are created to make the world greener, don't team up with someone who doesn't believe in global warming.

  • Make sure your contracts are in order so all parties know specifically when and how to promote your collection.

Collaborations With Other Collections/Artists: Creating giveaways with another NFT collection that aligns with your brand is another great way to get in front of a new audience to promote your collection and bigger "why". Just like influencers, make sure you do your due diligence when picking the perfect partner!


Your marketing message will be different during each phase of the buyer's journey because each phase has a different purpose and the people in each phase need different things from you.

When driving awareness about your NFT collection or yourself, you need to clearly state the problem that you or your NFT collection is solving for your ideal consumer. Focus on pain points. What does this audience WANT and how can you help them achieve that?

Very rarely can you expect your NFT collection to speak for itself. There are just way too many options out there to choose from.

Once people come across you or your NFT collection, they'll want to know more before they can like and trust you. And that's where creating a connection comes in.


Once you bring a new audience into your world, you MUST establish a connection with them before you ever sell your NFT collection or services to them. This is where you start to build trust with your audience and get them to trust you and fall in love with your mission.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The newer your audience is, the more time you will need to spend here.

While the awareness stage was all about getting people through the door, the connection stage is all about keeping people in the house! Your actions in this stage will determine if people stay in your world or go.

There are many different ways & places to connect with your audience.


Twitter & TikTok: Yup. They're back. With the ability to go live, create long-form content, and speak back and forth with your audience in realtime, these social platforms are also great for building a strong bond.

Discord: Discord gives you the ability to grow and nurture your very own community. Typically you drive traffic here from whichever awareness platform you chose above. You get people here through exclusive access to you or certain content you're creating. People will even come just to connect with other likeminded people.

Discord is another MUST in the NFT and Web3 space. You don't need to create your own Discord, but you should at least be joining other discords and joining in the conversations and sharing your other social platforms & NFT projects where appropriate.

Telegram: Telegram, a messenger app, is another platform we sometimes see in the web3 world. A place where your audience can have direct access to you and your team and where you can actively communicate to them through text, video or voice message.

Email: Getting people on your email list (usually in exchange for exclusive content or promotions) is a great way to nurture them on the road to your launch. An email list will also be important during your selling phase. This can be done with texting as well if your audience is willing to give you their phone number. Texting should be very limited and intentional, though, as to not annoy your new friends. This is a great space to give them real-time insider access... something that is deemed important in the Web3 world.

The more authentically engaging you are, the more people will build trust in you, feel connected to you, want to support you, and buy your NFTs.


This stage of your NFT Marketing is where you pull out all the stops!

  • Create in-depth, quality content that helps them overcome at least a portion of their pain points you pointed out in the awareness phase.

  • Interact with them. Answer their questions, welcome them once they are in your world. Make it a point to make them feel like they belong and they are important.

  • Bring them behind the scenes for exclusive content... show them how you create and live your life in context with how it relates to your higher purpose and brand.

  • Tell them your story, and the story behind your art. Why is this NFT collection so important to you and what's your deeper connection to it.


The ultimate goal for marketing your NFT collection is to make sales and push their value up. Therefore, after building trust with your audience, it's time to actually sell.

Important tips during the stage of selling your NFT collection

Determine where and how you'll sell (in Web3 we call this MINTING) your NFTs. Ensure that the process is as seamless and uncomplicated as possible. This is important because you need to make it as easy as possible for people to mint your NFTs.

Hold people by the hands through the minting process. This is important in all industries, but EXTREMELY important in Web3 because it's so confusing to most people.

  • Create detailed videos

  • Plaster this information all over your website and social channels

  • Be ready to answer questions during the minting phase. Make the extra effort here because this is where people will fall off!

Important tips during the stage of selling your NFT collection

1. ANNOUNCE: Announce the official dates of your whitelist, presale, and public sale days/times. Do this everywhere! Your social media channels, on your website, via emails, via your promoters, etc.

2. HYPE: Get people excited! You can do this through giveaways, surprise announcements, NFT sneak peaks and more. You will want to do this from your announcement to the close of launch or sell out depending on your NFT collection structure and goals.

3. SELL: Open the doors to minting! Make yourself available to help push through the process, create incentives to buy multiples at checkout, and keep the hype going. Make sure you are giving constant updates on the sales and the NFT value... this will keep the momentum going and the energy of your audience up.


When selling your NFTs, beyond just announcing the sell, you will want focus on the big vision of what happens on the other side of owning an NFT. Lead with being the final solution to their needs, wants, or problems. Overcome objections. And really paint a picture of how it will feel to be a part of this larger objective and community that your NFT collection holds.


Once you have had people buying your NFTs, it means that they trust you. And, it's easier for them to buy more products from you.

However, there are different things you can do to keep your customers buying and also promoting on your behalf. Loyal followers and brand lovers are great at referring others to you...aka low-cost marketing and sales promotions.

Stick to the purpose of the NFT. Follow through on what you promised to your buyers. People hate it when you bait them into your product and then change direction.

Keep improving your NFTs quality. Upgrade the utility of the NFTs so your minters can gain more value from them.

Create exclusive offers and promotions. You can even create a collection for those buyers with a certain number of NFTs. If the community is lively enough, you can buy suggestions and ideas from them and create a collection of what they like.

This way, they will feel their importance in the project as they'll now be part of the project and not just investors.

Ask them to help spread the word! Your community and purchases will happily promote your NFT collections if you follow these steps and create an authentic relationship where you both love each other!


The vibrant NFT market is ready for your NFT collection, but how do you get it at the top? NFT marketing is easy but takes commitment... we can help!

Start your successful journey by signing up with us for more tips!

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