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How to Market Your NFT Art

Although the volume of NFT sales hit a record of $12b in 2021, the market is still dominated by a few standout market leaders. As an NFT creator, it's vital to develop a marketing strategy that'll make you stand out in the crowd. Here, we'll tackle some ideas on how to market your NFT art.

NFT being a unique market, artists and brands must adopt a unique approach to get the revenue ball rolling. Even so, the foundation of fruitful marketing is a value-based approach. You'll need to display authority, give helpful insights, facilitate the transactions, and remain competitive.

5 Ways to Market Your NFT Art

1. Know Your Story

The non-fungible tokens space is now more competitive than ever, which means buyers will become highly selective. Like museums, NFT collections should have a story behind them. When artists attach a story behind their work, they gain more meaning and authentic connections with creators and buyers.

For example, UNICEF plans to sell 1000 NFTs to commemorate its 75th anniversary, with a portion being digitally watermarked. The proceeds of the sale will support the mission of connecting every school in the world with the internet. Although you're in business, it's important to have a bigger reason that resonates with buyers.

Some collectors enter the space to support digital artists by monetizing their work or showcasing it on the market. Like UNICEF, other collectors are also into NFTs to support community work or support the disadvantaged in society. Whatever your story may be, it's vital to highlight the narrative to create a natural connection with your audience.

2. Establish Your Target Audience

The first step in setting a marketing strategy is establishing your target market, the ideal group of people you want to purchase from you. The audience's demographics, psychographics, ideals, and so much more form the foundation of messaging and which channels to place your outreach efforts.

Here are the 3 main types of audiences and the best ways to target them.

  • Web3 Community: Web3 community has a rich collection of technology enthusiasts interested in blockchain, decentralized applications, and tokens. It's co-operative of members passionate about teaching each other via courses. It's a great community to join and connect with other technology enthusiasts. Additionally, it's vital to target people interested in joining the Web3 community as they'd be more receptive to NFTs.

  • Web3 / NFT Newbies: These are the people who have recently learned what NFTs are. They are actively looking to get deeper into the NFT and Web3 community and find information that can help them thrive in these spaces.

Reaching your ideal consumers in this audience category will require you to create and connect with them through industry information, specific how-to's, and educational content that will help them achieve their end goal in the NFT space.

  • General Fans: It's also vital to target people who may be your fans for future sales and better brand awareness. Subsequently, you can use the available channels like websites, social media, as well as paid ads to get the word out.

3. Join Communities

The modern consumer has superior access to information, including shaping brands using discussions and reviews. Community marketing is a new method of reaching out that leverages building long-term and meaningful connections. NFT collectors can join communities to engage the members in a non-intrusive, conversational, and transparent way.

Some of the platforms where you can find NFT enthusiasts include Twitter spaces, Facebook groups, Quora discussions, Slack communities, as well as subreddits. Join several communities to improve the reach and diversity of members.

Some of the benefits of using a community to market your NFT art include:

  • Minimizes dependency on paid advertising

  • It is an opportunity to sell to your community

  • Enhances customer retention

Below are the strategies on how to market your NFT art in communities:

  • Participate Consistently: The ultimate reason people join communities is to learn, be passionate about the topic, share, and research. As such, you have an opportunity to establish your presence by participating in conversations, answering questions, and publishing content regularly.

  • Engage the Members: First, establish the preferred type of content that the community consumes. If they are on the go, upload videos; alternatively, use blog posts to shed light on complex topics.

  • Use the Informative Approach: The members are looking for answers, so publishing educational posts, comprehensive answers, and helpful tips is crucial. Avoid being pushy in case of a need to answer FAQs; instead, offer industry updates to keep people engaged.

4. Work on Your Online Presence

Create an online profile that'll act as a sales funnel and lead generation platform. NFT collectors with great websites or social media profiles can easily compete with other players. It's therefore vital to allocate resources to build these digital assets.

First, list your firm on unique platforms like TikTok or Instagram, where you can showcase digital art or tokens. Then, optimize the profiles with compelling descriptions and sufficient posts with valuable information and tips.

In addition, create a blog site where you can publish valuable information to your audience. Create a schedule and upload valuable posts like how to, tutorials, guides on buying NFTs, and industry trends.

Lastly, remember to work on the site's SEO, which is essential in ranking high in Search Engine Result Pages. Some quick tips for improving your SEO include publishing quality content, optimizing site speed, enhancing mobile responsiveness, and using alt tags.

5. Create Killer NFT Utility

NFT collection is an investment vehicle, and buyers prefer extra value and benefits. As you nurture the connection, you can offer a form of utility where holders can enjoy membership benefits. In a nutshell, the NFT utility offers holders exclusive membership, an event, games, advantages, or exclusive characters in games.

WiV Technology, for instance, linked NFTs with wine bottles and later oversaw the launch of NFT wine bottles. The holders get an opportunity to invest in a collection of fine-wine bottles, now that's value!

On the other hand, The Last Raptor utility promises to be different by offering holders access to an NFT tool being developed. The holders will access the tool for free to evaluate, analyze, as well as optimize NFT investments.

Are You Ready for Enhanced NFT Art Visibility?

You don't need to struggle with marketing your NFT art. Instead, apply effective strategies like establishing your audience, community marketing, creating killer NFT utility, and enhancing your online presence.

Rising Ranks Digital is the ideal partner for your NFT marketing. Partner with our digital marketing team to transform your visibility using proven SEO tactics, including quality content, to rank better on Google. Contact us today to learn more.

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